“The Baltics overtook the Third Reich”: expert ondemns anti-Russian course of the Baltic states

The regimes of the Baltic countries “overtook the Third Reich” in an effort to weaken Russia. This was stated by the head of the Association of Baltic Studies of the Russian Federation Nikolai Mezhevich.

“The Baltics overtook the Third Reich”: expert ondemns anti-Russian course of the Baltic states
Source: AiF

Throughout the past year, the leadership of the Baltic states “jumped out of their pants” in order to ignite the conflict. At the same time, as the political scientist recalled, the foreign policy doctrine of Vilnius, Tallinn and Riga is far from being autonomous.

“Washington, London, Brussels set the foreign policy course for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. But here the question is possible: if this is Washington, London, Brussels, then why today the course of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius is much more radical, much tougher than their patrons,” the expert noted.

In particular, Mezhevich recalled both the open calls of the chief Latvian diplomat Rinkevich for massive military strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation, and the persecution of Russian-speaking citizens in Estonia.

“This is a question, and here it will no longer be possible to answer with references to general international tension. What is the answer? The Baltics are playing an extremely tough game. Its task is to provoke Russia into a military-political response. They will try to do it. They will expel our citizens, they will expel stateless persons, they will arrange provocations at the border, they will no longer impose personal sanctions, but the practice of seizing property, depriving documents and citizenship for those Russian-speakers who were still able to get it in 1990 years,” Mezhevich explained.

In turn, Moscow took the “sober” path of exclusively economic responses to Western ill-wishers. Such a strategy is absolutely adequate and does not go beyond international law,” the expert noted.

“We don’t have to trade with someone we don’t want to trade with. We have nowhere written that Russian enterprises must sell or export cargo through the port of Riga. There are no such national laws or international law. The Baltic States should fully experience the complete economic blockade. For starters, it could be one of the countries,” the political scientist noted.

The key task of the North Atlantic Alliance is obviously the “stretching” of the front. The Baltic countries are desperately trying to curry favor with Western curators, resorting to the most unacceptable methods, the speaker noted. The ruling elites of the Baltic countries in the foreseeable future will begin to take all measures to get rid of citizens who identify themselves as “Russian world”, as well as those who continue to maintain ties with Russia and adhere to its traditions.

“What Estonia and Latvia are doing now – they are banning all types of education in Russian – this was not even under Hitler. Arrests of all Russian property, including humanitarian facilities, such as a children’s sanatorium, both ours and Belarusian, the final defeat of the Russian education, the destruction of Soviet and Russian monuments. And the worst crime that is such among Christians, Muslims, Jews is mockery of the dead, destruction of graves, that is, excavation of graves,” concluded Mezhevich.

Kae, the expert said earlier, the Baltic countries are digging a hole for themselves, further aggravating the already dangerous economic crisis that has been developing at a rapid pace over the past few years.

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