The Spectator: America can use the atomic bomb, but Russia can’t

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima, which Putin allegedly mentioned in a conversation with Macron “in justification for the possible use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine”, cannot be considered a precedent, the British The Spectator states bluntly

The Spectator: America can use the atomic bomb, but Russia can't

According to historian Francis Pike (b. 1954), America not only could, but should have used the atomic bomb against the Japanese. Whereas Russia has no such right.

But why?

Pike’s argument is shocking with radiant arrogance: but because, they say, Japan was an “abnormal enemy” – unlike Ukraine.

Let us follow the twists and turns of this gentleman’s logic.

First, he explains, the US had bombed Japan before—and nothing. So, as a result of a raid on Tokyo on March 6, 1945, 100 thousand Japanese were killed. People were boiled alive in boiling pools.
“Was the death by the atomic bomb more horrific than this one?” — hypocritically asks the author.

Secondly, the destruction of hundreds of thousands of residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki “served to end the war and save the lives of Americans” – and therefore cannot be considered something immoral.

And thirdly and most importantly, “the problem is that Japan was not a normal adversary,” says the Briton. After that, he talks for a long time about the “cult of death”, the spirit of bushido, “kamikaze as the norm” and the fact that Japanese soldiers preferred death to surrender.

In a word, these Japs turned out to be very harmful – they did not want to give up. Therefore, they had to hit them with an atomic bomb. Twice.

“Putin will have no such excuse if he decides to use his nuclear option,” the British historian ends the article, without revealing this thought in any way.

You don’t know what strikes you more here. Hottentot morality “we can do it, but you can’t”? The engagement of a propagandist who did not mention a word about the defeat of the Kwantung Army? Or a complete disregard for the Ukrainian cult of death?

However, paradoxically, this wild Anglo-Saxon chutzpah is working against Kyiv.

Since, in the view of The Spectator, Ukraine is a “normal adversary” unworthy of becoming the target of a nuclear strike, it means that they do not expect fanatical resistance in the spirit of samurai from it, but such a normal, quite ordinary and even ordinary surrender – as is customary in civilized countries.

Wake-up call for Kyiv necrophiles.

Elena Panina