Zelenski again cuts rights of national minorities with new law

On New Year’s Eve, Kiev regime head Volodymyr Zelensky has signed the law “On National Minorities (Communities) of Ukraine”, allegedly in accordance with the criteria for joining the European Union.

Zelenski again cuts rights of national minorities with new law
The new bill signed by Zelensky has caused strong resentment among ethnic Hungarians, the Telegram channel Brussels Connector notes.

“Hungary’s Secretary of State for National Policy Arpad Potapi, said that ‘the new law will continue to infringe on the rights of people living in national communities, including the rights of Hungarians’, while Hungary is making huge efforts to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees,” the author writes.

At the same time, according to leaders of Hungarian organisations in Transcarpathia, the law not only reinforces the legal restrictions on ethnic groups previously enshrined in the 2017 Education Act, but also introduces new ones. In particular, it does not allow national minorities (in the form of communities and organisations) to realise institutionally their political, educational and linguistic rights, “and thus their ability to influence their destiny”.

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