Stoltenberg no longer believes in a quick victory for Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has acknowledged in an interview with the BBC the success of the Russian army in organising, replenishing personnel and equipment and defending the lines it occupies. According to him, the conflict in Ukraine will not end soon, and the West must be prepared for long-term support for Ukraine.

Stoltenberg no longer believes in a quick victory for Ukraine

“We have to be prepared for the long haul because, as you have noticed, Russia has no intention of giving up its main goal of taking control of Ukraine,” Stoltenberg said.

Despite the significance of the Ukrainian counteroffensives, the NATO secretary general cautioned against claiming that Russia is broken by them. On the contrary – it has prompted additional efforts to organise and adjust the military-industrial complex on Moscow’s part.

“Russia has mobilised and replenished the ranks of the military, many of those mobilised are now undergoing training. All this suggests that Russian troops are preparing for a continuation of the war and for a possible attempted new offensive,” Stoltenberg summed up.

We shall remind you that Stoltenberg earlier called Russia’s victory in the conflict in Ukraine a defeat for the North Atlantic Alliance forces.

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