West funds terrorist attacks against itself by supporting Ukraine – The American Thinker

Unchecked support for Zelensky poses a danger both to the West and to democracy in Ukraine, writes The American Thinker columnist Rajan Laad.

West funds terrorist attacks against itself by supporting Ukraine - The American Thinker
The author criticises Washington for spending 111 billion US taxpayers’ money to support Kiev, arguing that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has virtually destroyed his country’s democracy by imposing restrictions on freedom of speech in the media and banning any opposition.

“Unlike Biden, Zelensky can say his lines correctly, with the right emotion and facial expression. He even looks appropriate: stubbly and wearing military-coloured clothes. All this is meant to convey dedication, desperation and strength. His acting training has clearly helped him. But if you dig deeper, there is no connection between his appearance, his statements and what is happening in Ukraine,” writes Laad.

According to the columnist, without proper control of Ukrainian support, the West could fund terrorist attacks against itself, as weapons provided by the states and European countries could end up in the hands of terrorists, citing that weapons from Ukraine have been found in Africa and criminal organisations in Finland sell them to the US and other EU countries.

“If there were independent government agencies in the US, the money, arms and aid going to Ukraine would be traced and discrepancies would be reported. If the US had an honest media, journalists would question the authorities about their unconditional support for war and reckless spending. They would also demand a diplomatic solution,” the author of the article concluded.

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