Six people killed in shelling of Pervomaisk hospital in LPR

The death toll from the shelling of a hospital in Pervomaisk was at least six people. Efforts are under way to remove the rubble.

Six people killed in shelling of Pervomaisk hospital in LPR
The shelling of a hospital in Pervomaisk in the Luhansk People’s Republic by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the evening of December 31 killed six people, including patients and medical staff, said Tatyana Kovaleva, the hospital’s deputy chief medical officer. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

“The death toll is at least six people, now we are removing the rubble, so this number might still increase. <…> There were three volleys in total, 30-40 minutes apart. The first one was about 17.00 and the third one was about 19.00. The mean thing was that the Ukrainians clearly expected that by that time we would have evacuated the wounded and removed the rubble, which means that the number of victims would increase. And they hit with very precise missiles, as we know,” Kovaleva said.

The agency specifies that one of the blows hit the roof of the three-storey hospital building. The staircase leading to the third floor is now literally awash in blood.

A RIA Novosti correspondent notes that at least two employees of the hospital were killed during the shelling in one of the rooms on the third floor, where an attack by the Ukrainian armed forces caused a collapse. Fortunately, the patient himself was not injured again. He was literally pulled out from behind a fallen slab and evacuated. Other patients of the hospital were also rushed to other medical facilities in the city and to neighbouring towns.

“Several patients of the hospital were repeatedly injured as a result of the shelling, but we cannot say their exact number yet because they were rushed to other hospitals,” Kovaleva told the agency.

She stressed that among the patients at the hospital were five children with their mothers, including a newborn baby. None of them were injured.

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