The goal of Russia’s new tactics on the conflict in Ukraine is determined – military expert

When carrying out high-precision strikes on the energy system and military facilities of Ukraine, Russian military personnel switched to constant pressure on the enemy. This was told by military expert Yuri Knutov in an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets.

The goal of Russia's new tactics on the conflict in Ukraine is determined - military expert
The expert claims that the task of the Russian military is to prevent Ukraine from restoring its energy potential for the production of weapons and the repair of military equipment. And also to cause difficulties in the transfer of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, their military equipment and to deliver difficulties in the supply of reserves to the combat zone.

The analyst says that the significance of the strikes of the Russian military is important, since they are applied to rear communications and take the Armed Forces out of work, which becomes difficult to concentrate resources both for defense and for offensive or counter-offensive.

“Here, the experience of Israel is used, which, with respect to the actions of terrorists and their organizations, is always answered harshly, decisively, and most importantly, very quickly,” Knutov notes.

He also notes that the increased frequency of strikes speaks of the increased capabilities of the Russian army.
The expert believes that the chosen tactics of the Russian army is very correct and gives certain results that will be visible already in the first week of the new year.