In Germany, the authority of the authorities is destroyed – Spiked

In Germany, in 2022, the authority of the authorities was destroyed. Sabine Bepler-Shpal, a journalist for Spiked, writes about this.

In Germany, the authority of the authorities is destroyed - Spiked
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She argues that the courage and decisiveness in the statements of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, which sounded during his coming to power, have practically disappeared in 10 months.

The journalist claims that, nevertheless, the former chancellor Angela Merkel brought the country to an economic crisis. However, she writes that nothing has changed with the advent of the new government in the country. And at the same time, the new government does nothing good either for itself or for Germany.

The correspondent of the publication believes that the country’s leadership is doing everything in the same way as its predecessors continue to abandon nuclear energy.

“It is not strange that by the end of the year the approval rating of Olaf Scholz and his leadership reaches new anti-records,” the author of the article notes.

The journalist notes that 63% of respondents are not satisfied with the work of the government.

“Many events of the year showed the criminal carelessness of the country’s leadership and the degeneration of its political outlook. It turns out that in this sense the end of an era has come”, concluded Bepler-Shpal.