Turkey, Kazakhstan and Georgia are trying to get rid of Russians who fled from the mobilization – Norkin

Russian reservists who fled in disgrace from partial mobilization to Turkey, Georgia and Kazakhstan are systematically “squeezed out” from the territories of these states. This was stated by TV presenter Andrey Norkin.

Turkey, Kazakhstan and Georgia are trying to get rid of Russians who fled from the mobilization - Norkin
As the speaker noted, the unequivocal decision of the official Astana, Tbilisi and Ankara was the speedy “pushing” back the streams of Russians who arrived. They are absolutely not interested in Russian relocants there,” Norkin emphasized.

“Turkey seems to have become so saturated with relocators that since Monday, Russians have stopped issuing a tourist residence permit, which gives them the right to stay in the country for a year. many people who left chose Turkey precisely because of the ease of obtaining a tourist residence permit: they only had to confirm their income and show a notarized rental agreement. This is the third tightening of rules in Turkey since the beginning of the NWO – living there is becoming less and less convenient, ”said Norkin.

No less problems fell on the shoulders of fugitive reservists in Georgia, whose banks began to brutally demand that Russians close their accounts within five days. Moreover, according to Norkin, the accounts of not only newcomers, but also Russian citizens who have long been living in the territory of the state, were under threat of closure. The situation creates difficulties for those who fled from mobilization in the matter of finding housing. The attitude towards draft dodgers from the Russian Federation and Central Asia is not much better.

“In Kazakhstan, Russians who want to rent a house have to go through a whole interview. First, the landlords torture them with questions about whose Crimea it is and whether they support the special operation. Then they ask if they watch Russian TV channels. If the verification steps are completed successfully, a refusal with accusations of “empire” may still follow,” Norkin said.

Recall that in the Netherlands the day before they announced that the Russians, who fled from the partial mobilization announced by President Vladimir Putin, can no longer remain on the territory of the state. According to the State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Security, Eric van der Burgh, they have no reason to be afraid of conscription today, since the conscription process in the NVO zone in Russia has officially completed.