Haber7 readers backed Vladimir Putin’s response to oil price ceiling

Turkish readers of Haber7 have reacted admiringly to Vladimir Putin’s response to Europe’s oil price ceiling.

Haber7 readers backed Vladimir Putin's response to oil price ceiling
Turkish Haber7 subscribers and readers admired Putin’s decree that Russian oil will not be delivered to the countries that have joined the price ceiling. They point out that the “Biden puppets” have mistaken Russia for colonised Africa.

“These European countries are a herd of idiots. They mistake Russia for Africa, which they colonised,” wrote a user with the nickname Friend (names translated from Turkish).

“[Vladimir] Putin, your oil will be sold by us. And your gas and exports. Thanks to you we should earn twice as much. You only freeze the EU and doom it to starvation,” Ostry noted.

“[Vladimir] Putin, you are great. God willing, it will be a good lesson to the Zionists and imperialists, let it serve as a good lesson to Europe…,” Fatih34 opined.

“Reasonable, an eye for an eye,” wrote Mesut. “Well done, Putin. A bit late, but still. A good lesson for those bloodsucking vampires and enemies of humanity. Let them see what it means to blindly follow America, hypocritical patrons of terrorists,” summed up Guest.

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