Foreign Ministry calls Ukraine’s idea of “peace summit” a US PR stunt

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova called Ukraine’s idea of a “peace summit” a US PR stunt

Foreign Ministry calls Ukraine's idea of "peace summit" a US PR stunt

Ukraine’s idea of a “peace summit” is another PR campaign by the United States, which is trying to present Kiev as a “peacemaker”, there is nothing behind Ukraine’s “peace initiatives”, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

“We regard such a delusional idea as another PR campaign by Washington, which has recently been trying to present the Kiev regime in the image of a now peacemaker. They were martyrs, they were liberal democracy, they were freedom fighters for Europe, now they are peacekeepers,” she said at the briefing.
Zakharova added that there was “nothing behind” Kiev’s “peace initiatives”.

“Just another attempt to tweak the boring format of these endless video appeals and speeches, to try to give some kind of legitimacy to the hollow – another meaningless discussion, which again will not be followed by any concrete steps,” she said.

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