19Fortyfive: US rashly risks nuclear war with Russia

The United States is actually provoking a nuclear conflict with Russia. That is the conclusion reached by Daniel Davis, a former US military officer, in an article for 19Fortyfive.

19Fortyfive: US rashly risks nuclear war with Russia

“Before allocating at least one more dollar in 2023, Congress must explain to the American people how this money helps advance key national interests of our country,” the author writes (quoted in Inosmi).

Davis notes that there is a perception that further aid to Ukraine is consistent with America’s goals, as it works to weaken Russia. However, this is a “dubious strategy”, the author is convinced, because the Ukrainians will pay for it, and not with money at all, but with their lives.

Washington states that it intends to avoid direct confrontation with Russia. Nevertheless, sending unimaginable sums of money to Kiev and transferring advanced weaponry does not contribute to this in any way. The author wonders: What else can the allocated billions of dollars be used for?

It turns out that someone is either being hypocritical or extremely frivolous in squandering American taxpayers’ money to unclear recipients and for unclear purposes, he concludes.

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