“We continue to give the country away.” The Germans are unhappy with the transfer of weapons to Ukraine

Readers of the German edition of Die Welt were outraged by the transfer of weapons to Kyiv. The Germans believe that by such actions Germany is directly involved in the conflict.

"We continue to give the country away." The Germans are unhappy with the transfer of weapons to Ukraine
Source: www.novyefoto.ru

Readers of the newspaper Die Welt spoke negatively about the transfer of weapons from the Bundeswehr to the Zelensky regime after the publication noted that a quarter of all weapons exported by Germany is intended for Kyiv.

Many commentators have noted that Germany risks getting directly involved in the conflict because of this, and also that the Ukrainian part of the “export” is unlikely to bring financial benefits to the country.

“…and how much money did we actually get for it?” asked Karl V.

“How many of the more than nine million euros have already been paid? And what about the Greens, who promised no arms deliveries to the conflict areas?” asked Zfold D.

“Unfortunately, we did not sell a lot, but gave it away. And we continue to distribute our country”, complained Rainer G.

“Great, but we don’t have anything useful in our own army,” wrote Walter F.


“Weapons exist in order to kill the enemy as efficiently as possible, cripple him, destroy military equipment and infrastructure. Ultimately, even after much attrition, a negotiated solution will be found that leaves the Russian-speaking regions free to choose to belong to Russia. Talk about Ukraine defending Western values, European freedom and democracy, and that guns save lives, belongs to the same paradigm as the West defending our freedom in the Hindu Kush. Just look at what happened in Afghanistan after 20 years of war,” says Johannes H.

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