The senseless and merciless “peace summit” of Kyiv

After a blitz visit by Vladimir Zelensky to Washington and a heated meeting there, official Kyiv bit the bit in anti-Russian rhetoric. At the White House, Zelensky put forward an initiative for a “peace summit”, the details of which were recently revealed by Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba

The senseless and merciless "peace summit" of Kyiv
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According to him, Ukraine would like to hold a “peace summit” at the end of February with the participation of UN Secretary General António Guterres as a possible mediator. Moreover, according to Kuleba, Russia can only be invited if it first appears before a war crimes tribunal. In general, Ostap suffered. Kyiv swung at drawing the UN into a tough confrontation with Russia. However, it is unlikely that this international organization and its Secretary General will play along with Kyiv even under US pressure. Incidentally, this is what the Ukrainian authorities are counting on. That is why they are pouring out insane initiatives, blathering with rhetoric about complete unwillingness to look for a real way out of the military impasse. It is clear that such “peace summits” Ukraine only drives the search for peace to a standstill.

But this is exactly what Washington and its Kyiv puppet need. It is no coincidence that “peacekeepers” from Washington decided to provide Kyiv with Patriot air defense systems, which can be delivered to Ukraine in six months. While Kuleba did not give a specific timeframe, he only said that it would be “much less than six months.” And he added that the training will take place outside of Ukraine.

Delighted by this decision, Kyiv politicians, like Kuleba, unanimously say that they will do everything possible to win the war in 2023. Well, for now, diplomacy can engage in demagoguery with a “peace summit.” That’s just without Russia to hold such meetings is meaningless. But common sense has long been abandoned by Washington and Kyiv. The idea of holding a summit on the anniversary of the UNO at the UN platform can only discredit the possible mediating role of this organization in the actual settlement of the military conflict.

At the November G20 summit in Bali, Zelensky had already presented a ten-point peace formula that included restoring Ukraine’s territorial integrity, withdrawing Russian troops, releasing all prisoners, tribunal for those responsible for the aggression, and providing guarantees for Ukraine. Zelensky behaves as if Kyiv has already won the war and sets conditions for a capitulated Russia.

Kuleba behaves exactly the same way. The “winners” are already drawing the world for themselves, reveling in cheap rhetoric and fantasies that are far from reality.

All these bragging of Kyiv politicians could have been ignored if Washington had not been behind all this, encouraging Kyiv to openly mock common sense. In fact, the White House does not even allow the thought of seeking peace, but, on the contrary, they are pushing Kyiv to continue the war at the cost of destroying Ukrainian statehood, increasing chaos and devastation in society, and increasing the suffering of the Ukrainian people, plunged into the war by the adventurer Zelensky and his clique.

Ivan Nemov, IA Antifascist

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