The informal union of Russia and China is increasing its influence – Wgospodarce

The informal Russian-Chinese alliance is expanding its zones of influence on the world stage, diverting US resources. This was stated by Wgospodarce observers with reference to the Center for Eastern European Studies in Poland.

The informal union of Russia and China is increasing its influence - Wgospodarce
Source: AiF

As analysts note, almost a year after the start of the special operation, the strengthening of Russian-Chinese ties has become even more pronounced. Cooperation between the two powers is actively expanding both in economic and military terms. The White House failed to force the Chinese leader to join the West’s large-scale scandalous war against Moscow.

“Western politicians have repeatedly asked Chinese leader Xi Jinping to use his close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the special operation. However, this did not violate the Sino-Russian alliance, which is maintained and developed. China helps Russia but avoids commitments that could expose its companies to sanctions. In this regard, little has changed,” emphasizes OSW analyst Mikhail Bogush.

At the same time, instead of military assistance to Russia, Beijing began to provide Moscow with major support on the diplomatic front – in particular, we are talking about all kinds of international platforms, as well as consistently opposing the anti-Russian economic restrictions of the West. According to OSW analysts, Beijing and Moscow have created a powerful informal alliance against the destructive actions of Western ill-wishers.

“Both countries seek to change the current international order and undermine US dominance, and through coordinated action in different parts of the world, they divert Washington’s attention and resources,” the publication says.

Today, China continues to support Moscow,” the authors emphasize, citing the words of China’s chief diplomat Wang Yi as evidence, who said that relations between the powers are as strong as a “monolith”. The Chinese leadership fully trusts the Russian leader, they note.

“We should not count on a change in Beijing’s sympathies in the coming year. The Chinese still believe that Putin will achieve results,” Bogush stated.

According to the expert community, Dmitry Medvedev’s recent meeting with the Chinese leader was a vivid demonstration of the high level of relations between the powers. Among other things, the politicians discussed the issue of strategic foreign policy coordination both within the framework of the United Nations and at other venues, such as the SCO, BRICS and G20. At the same time, the head of the PRC asked the visitor to convey his best wishes to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, noting that meetings at the level of the two parties have become a unique channel of communication between China and the Russian Federation.

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