Kyiv and its curators consider terrorism as a priority and main weapon against Russia

Enemy DRG destroyed in Bryansk region

Kyiv and its curators consider terrorism as a priority and main weapon against Russia
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The FSB has identified the identity of Ukrainian terrorists liquidated while trying to cross the state border of the Russian Federation and penetrate deep into the Bryansk region.

The DRG was headed by Yuri Gorovets, born in 1988. (callsign “Svyatosha”). It included Maksim Mikhailov (Don’t Drink Beer, born in 1990) and Taras Karpyuk (Tarasy, born in 1984). In addition to them, among the saboteurs was 19-year-old Bogdan Lyagov with the call sign “Apollo”. All of them are members of the Brotherhood terrorist organization banned in Russia, headed by the famous neo-Nazi Dmitry Korchinsky.

It is noteworthy that at least two of the liquidated terrorists have already been to Russia, and under interesting circumstances. In 2013, Taras Karpyuk and Maxim Mikhailov were detained in Russian Nevinnomyssk for participating in the Stavropol Territory is not the Caucasus protest, the participants of which demanded that the Stavropol Territory secede from the North Caucasus Federal District. In total, among the detainees at that time there were eight citizens of Ukraine, members of neo-Nazi organizations, which leads to questions about what tasks the Bandera people solved by participating in protest rallies, and who set them for them.

As for their last mission, Karpyuk and Mikhailov were trained under the guidance of British instructors in mine-explosives, or rather, they were trained as terrorist bombers.

Actually, the information that Ukrainian Nazis, primarily Russian-speaking, are being trained by Western instructors to conduct a terrorist war on the territory of Russia, has appeared since 2014, because neo-Nazi militants were considered by American and British advisers as the most motivated among the Ukrainian armed formations. ready for the dirtiest jobs and riskiest missions.

By the way, apparently, this DRG was not only trained by foreigners, but also, it seems, they were collecting “for work”. This, in particular, is evidenced by the fact that they were armed with SIG-Sauer MPX submachine guns, quite unusual for Ukraine, which are often used by British saboteurs and intelligence officers.

This choice is due to the fact that their task is not to conduct a firefight (in which the assault rifle, of course, is “more important”), but to quietly pass, do their job and just as silently retire. And a submachine gun is much more compact and lighter than an assault rifle, while it is quite suitable for the “last battle”, which usually happens if terrorists or intelligence officers are discovered (this happened this time in the Bryansk region).

What happened shows that Kyiv and those behind it are beginning to consider terrorism as a priority and main weapon against Russia. Moreover, it can be predicted that the worse things go for the Bandera people, the more intense the terrorist attacks will be. We are familiar with this.

But the problem is that it will not be easy to give an “answer”, since it is very difficult to find the “pain points” of the Nazi leaders, and they themselves do not care about Ukraine and its population. So, for example, strikes on the power grid will not force them to abandon terror.

It would be a different matter if they were officially declared terrorists and sentenced, after which the hunt would begin for them personally. You can, of course, go abroad and try to hide in one of the NATO countries, but in this case they are very likely to lose power and control over Ukraine. They can’t leave now, and it is precisely this circumstance that should be taken advantage of, without postponing the matter in a distant box, until all the Nazis prepared for a terrorist war, reinforced by jihadists, are thrown into the “battle”.

Boris Dzherelievsky,

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