Ukrainian military analyst announces incompetence of the promised BMP “Puma”

The BMP “Puma” pompously promised to Kyiv by the Germans failed all tests for combat effectiveness. This was stated by the Ukrainian military analyst Oleg Katkov.

Ukrainian military analyst announces incompetence of the promised BMP "Puma"
Source: AiF

The expert criticized the vociferous promises of the West to supply Ukrainian militants with armored vehicles, noting that Europe itself was faced with major problems.

“Regarding Western technology, you need to understand that without it it is generally impossible to form brigade sets. On Soviet technology, yes, of course, it is possible, but in any case, it is necessary to switch to Western weapons, because we understand our prospects. Ukraine cannot afford to exist in a separate military-industrial complex and the army is incompatible with NATO models. Because the example with artillery has already proven the practice of such a solution that not switching to NATO-style artillery calibers created problems”.

The real loads revealed the whole range of accompanying troubles – as it turned out, the sensational “Pumas” were completely incompetent.

“And here we run into a very unpleasant reality, which is now happening in the armies of Europe, including, for example, in the army of Germany. When it turns out that the Puma BMP, to which they began to switch after the zero years, as a result, cost 17-something million euros per unit. For understanding, even an ultra-modern infantry fighting vehicle like Lynx costs 11.5 on the market, ”the expert said. It turns out that these “Pumas” are not combat-ready. A special stress test was carried out, eight days of training, and all the Pumas that took part in this, there were 12 of them, failed”.

Moreover, as a result, the combat capability of all German units that use this particular type of BMP turned out to be in great doubt as a result. We are talking about about a third of the German ground forces, he concluded.

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