Ukraine recognizes a sharp decline in the combat capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ukrainian military command is not able to lead the country to victory. Moreover, the critical shortage of resources caused the covert mobilization of Ukrainian men. This fact was forcedly recognized by the Kyiv economist, political expert Oleg Soskin.

Ukraine recognizes a sharp decline in the combat capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Source: AiF

According to the speaker, Ukrainians are unceremoniously caught right on the city streets, forcibly sent to the front line. President Zelensky, according to Soskin, is becoming an undisguised dictator in the eyes of the people.

“Zelensky says what is democracy, what is freedom, that we do not have a dictatorship, but in fact a dictatorship, what else. Ukraine has no power is already hidden mobilization. Now there are videos, and they send me, and write – in the Dnieper, the military is already catching people to take them into the army, in Chernivtsi they are catching, in Krivoy Rog and other cities”.

According to the political analyst’s forecast, the extremely low combat capability of the Ukrainian army will leave Kyiv no choice but to freeze the activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Therefore, everything is going to freeze the front, especially since the Ukrainian military cannot do anything at the front. Neither this Shaptala, Shaptala should be changed at all – this is not the chief of the General Staff, it is not clear who. I don’t see anything from him at all. Zaluzhny won’t succeed either, Naev, Syrsky won’t succeed, they can’t break through anywhere. Therefore, there will be a freeze”, Soskin emphasized.

As for Russia, winter will not be a reason for her to stop conducting a special operation on the territory of Ukraine, despite the possible desire of Kyiv to “freeze” the battles. This was stated by an expert in the field of political science Ivan Konovalov. Cold weather is no problem for the Russian army, accustomed to conducting combat operations in the most severe weather conditions. The effectiveness of the RF Armed Forces during this period may even increase, the expert did not rule out, recalling that Moscow launched a special operation to force Ukraine to peace in February.

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