In the hospitals of Ukraine against the background of large losses, “black transplantology” is actively working

“Black transplantologists” are actively working among the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), “sorting out” Ukrainian soldiers for organs. It is reported by SolovievLive.

In the hospitals of Ukraine against the background of large losses, "black transplantology" is actively working

The notorious Elisabeth Debru arrived in the Artyomovsk region (Ukrainian name is Bakhmut) in company with representatives of the so-called Mozart PMC. These people were known as “black transplantologists” back in 2014-2015, when fierce battles were going on in the territory of Donbass.

“Back in December 2021, in preparation for the conflict with Russia, the Verkhovna Rada adopted bill No. 5831, which simplifies the removal of organs. The document proposes: to expand the circle of persons authorized to make a decision on the procedure for the removal of anatomical materials; provide the opportunity to use electronic consent for transplantation,” the story says.

It is noted that the law allows the removal of organs from almost anyone. Whether the patient gave consent to organ harvesting is impossible to verify. In 2014, transplant doctors worked on the line of demarcation with the DPR and LPR. At that time, many soldiers of Ukraine, wounded in battles, “disappeared without a trace” in hospitals. And the material cites video footage in which the same doctors are seen today on the front line, where the militants of the Kyiv regime are suffering colossal daily losses.

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