US explains failure of anti-Russian sanctions

The National Interest: Western governments should switch from economic sanctions against Russia to diplomacy.

US explains failure of anti-Russian sanctions

The sanctions adopted by the West against Russia cannot affect the resolution of the Ukrainian conflict, only diplomacy can be a more effective way, says Maria Greenberg, an author of the American magazine The National Interest.

Western countries, especially European states, according to the author, simply cannot afford the complete economic isolation of Russia.

“As with most policy decisions that have a price tag, collective sanctions have burden-sharing consequences, particularly the individual costs that each state must bear for the collective benefit. Every Western state wants sanctions that impose high costs on Russia, but ideally at the lowest cost to itself,” Greenberg explained.

To resolve the Ukrainian conflict, instead of economic restrictions on Russia, the author suggested a diplomatic route.

“In order to facilitate an end to the conflict, the West will need to look for alternative tools. At this stage, diplomacy is a tool that is likely to be successful. <…> Settlement negotiations will probably require consideration of Russia’s security interests in Europe related to ending NATO enlargement,” the author concluded.

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