Journalists find Zhirinovsky’s prediction of Ukraine’s demise because of NATO

In 1998, Russian politician and LDPR founder Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that Ukraine would perish as a state because of its close alliance with NATO.

Journalists find Zhirinovsky's prediction of Ukraine's demise because of NATO
The politician’s prediction was found by NTV journalists.

“The country’s collapse will begin after the intervention of Poland, which will take control of Ukraine’s western regions. At the same time, the United States will continue to stage provocations, in particular with Polish submarines, trying to blame everything on Russia,” Zhirinovsky said.

The former LDPR leader said that Ukraine would be ruined if it goes for close cooperation with NATO and turns its back on Russia.

The FAN news agency wrote that Zhirinovsky was right when he spoke about Poland’s involvement in the Ukrainian crisis.

“Recently an AFU missile landed on Polish territory, after which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski unreasonably tried to attribute the incident to Moscow.