Ukrainian showed what “trash” NATO sends to Ukraine

A resident of Ukraine recorded a video at one of the repair bases, which showed the state of equipment sent by the NATO bloc to the country. The video shows a batch of Iveco VM 90 multi-purpose army vehicles, which arrived through the line of military assistance from Italy. It is clearly seen that all the cars without exception – about 15 – are in a broken state. Some of the equipment does not even have doors and internal mechanisms. The video is taken from the Dambiev Telegram channel.

Ukrainian showed what "trash" NATO sends to Ukraine
Source: Telegram channel “Dambiev”

“This is what is sent to Ukraine. Look! It’s ***, guys. They are put in their place [are removed from the places of conservation – Ed.] and sent to Ukraine. This is ***! This is ridiculous! Here it is – support for NATO! This is rubbish”, the operator is indignant.

An employee of the rembase told the author of the video that they are brought to them in such a broken form, after which the cars are repaired if possible and sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“There is even “jihad” [an inscription in Arabic, probably indicating the long service of these machines abroad – Ed.] is written,” the author ends the video.

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