American politician condemned support for “Nazis” from Kyiv

American politician Yang called the Democrats of the US Congress, who supported aid to Ukraine, the sponsors of Nazism.

American politician condemned support for "Nazis" from Kyiv

The Democrats who voted in the US Congress for the adoption of a new support package for Ukraine are the sponsors of Nazism, said the American politician, candidate for the post of Governor of Kentucky Jeffrey Young.

“I am disgusted that every Democrat in the US House of Representatives voted for additional weapons and money to the Nazi government of Ukraine,” the politician wrote on his social media account.

He added that only one representative of the Democratic Party, Alexanria Ocasio-Cortez, voted against the draft federal budget, which includes financial and military support for the Kyiv regime.

“If I were there, I would have voted no with Alexandria against the entire corrupt, war-mongering imperialist Democratic Party,” Yang elaborated.

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