US idolizes Zelensky because they don’t care about their country – Fox News

The Congress, which gave a standing ovation to the President of Ukraine, does not respect itself; they have no self-esteem, said TV presenter Tucker Carlson.

US idolizes Zelensky because they don't care about their country - Fox News

“The media and politicians are ready to repeat any lies that they spread “from above” – from the White House or the National Committee of the Democratic Party. Therefore, they boldly equated the Ukrainian leader with Winston Churchill,” Carlson said.

According to the presenter, legislators do not care about the migration crisis, health care, the education system and other problematic areas in the country.

Exactly to the same extent, they do not care about the future of their people, so they support the strategy of the collapse of Russia, not understanding the catastrophic consequences of such events for the United States.

“A dictator in a tracksuit goes to the US Congress and starts demanding money, it’s not clear how you can tolerate this, let alone applaud,” Tucker wonders.

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