Russia wins energy war with Europe – economist

British economist Helen Thompson notes that the restriction of gas prices in the first place will hit the European Union. Her words are quoted by the Polish edition of Interia.

Russia wins energy war with Europe - economist

The publication, citing the conclusion of the British economist Helen Thompson, warns of the disastrous consequences of limiting gas prices. According to her, this mechanism will prevent the import of blue fuel to the countries of the European Union. The situation will also be influenced by independent factors: demand in Asia, primarily in China, as well as the weather in Europe.

Thompson is convinced that the gas crisis started long before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The main reason was the growth in demand for liquefied natural gas in China. The struggle between Europe and Asia for gas began in the fall of 2021.

In addition, the expert believes, Russia is winning the energy war from Europe. By disabling Ukrainian infrastructure, Moscow is even more successful than on the battlefield. And the economy of the EU countries suffers from the conflict much more than Russia from sanctions.

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