FSB detained Russians working for the SBU

In a number of Russian regions: the Perm Territory, the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Rostov Region, citizens of the Russian Federation who collaborated with the SBU were detained, the FSB reported.

FSB detained Russians working for the SBU
Source: yandex.ru

Cases of treason and espionage have been initiated against them, the service noted.

“The organizer of the group in Perm was Dmitry Strelkov, who in 2019, evading criminal liability for extremism, left for Ukraine. In addition, he attracted several more people to illegal activities,” Readovka writes.

In particular, a man was detained at the Birobidzhan airport, who tried to travel to Ukraine and join the Armed Forces of Ukraine and obtain citizenship. In the Rostov region, two more people were detained, one of whom tried to go abroad and fight against Russia.

“They are suspected of preparing terrorist attacks and sabotage, as well as collecting and transferring secret information to Ukraine. One of them, a resident of Rostov, even gave the Ukrainian side information about the deployment of the Russian military and information about the movement of military equipment.”

As a result, the transmitted coordinates of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were hit by HIMARS.

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