Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (December 23, updated)

Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (December 23, updated)

11:35 The FSB stopped in a number of regions the criminal activities of citizens of Russia and Ukraine who assisted the SBU and Ukrainian troops, and cases of espionage were initiated.

11:33 Footage of the combat work of the crew of the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and gun system. Russian air defense units are on round-the-clock combat duty to protect the airspace in the area of the special operation.

In the process of carrying out combat duty, the crews of the Pantsir air defense missile system destroy aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as missiles of various classes. ZRPK detection systems allow the crew to calculate any targets in the sky: from household drones, most often used as reconnaissance, to cruise and ballistic missiles, helicopters, aircraft and MLRS shells. The intensity of the calculations of the complexes is very high. Every day, the complex detects air targets and immediately destroys them with maximum efficiency. Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

11:27 Monuments to Pushkin and pioneer hero Volodya Dubinin were demolished in Dnepropetrovsk.

11:00 Covering the enemy infantry, which likes to climb in a pile at night with AGS.

10:15 Dmitry Likhachev, a tank driver, spoke about one of the battles, when his tank was attacked three times by ATGMs. Our fighters continued to carry out their combat mission and left the car only after the third hit. Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

09:35 Ukrainian social networks begin to flood videos with shots of forced mobilization.

09:20 Rocket shells of 220 mm caliber crush the enemy – “Hurricane” group “O” is firing.

The calculations of the MLRS worked out on the positions of the enemy. UAVs provide fire correction for artillery units. The complex has high efficiency due to mobility and firepower.

08:50 “This is ridiculous, this is rubbish” – a Ukrainian showed the condition of the equipment supplied as assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Video 18+ contains obscene language.

08:10 An air raid sounds in the Nikolaev region of Ukraine and the part of Kherson controlled by Kyiv, according to the data of the online map of the Ministry of Digital Affairs.

08:09 From early morning until evening twilight: artillery reconnaissance units of the Air Defense Forces successfully carry out tasks to identify targets and adjust fire in the special operation zone

Scouts are on duty around the clock and transmit the received information to the means of fire destruction of the Air Defense Forces directly from the line of contact in real time.

Under conditions of counter-battery warfare, our reconnaissance equipment shows good results. Ministry of Defense of Russia

07:55 Destroyed Ukrainian armored personnel carrier-7 “Defender” somewhere in the zone of the special operation. BTR-7 “Defender” or BTR-70Di – Ukrainian version of the complex modernization of the Soviet BTR-70 armored personnel carrier. In total, 13 armored personnel carriers of this type were modernized at the state enterprise “Nikolaev Mechanical Repair Plant” with the installation of the Zaslon active protection complex, a television, combined day and night sight with a laser rangefinder, the Panorama panoramic view system and air conditioning.

06:01 The Ministry of Defense showed how the material and technical support of the Western military district units in the special operation zone is organized

At the location of the MTO units, work is in full swing around the clock. Field life may seem harsh, because there are no frills in it. However, Russian servicemen are fully provided with everything necessary.

There are showers and a bathhouse in the recreation areas for personnel. Mobile workshops are deployed in the tents of the bakery, which bake bread in the field. “Homemade” bread, which is baked by the masters of their craft, is fresh, fluffy and ruddy.

The main task of the logistics departments is the continuity of supplies. When military personnel have everything they need, nothing distracts them from performing their main tasks. And this is the most important thing now. Video: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

05:08 A Ukrainian soldier demonstrates the wreckage of his short-range air defense system 9K35 Strela-10, which was destroyed on the very first day of his arrival at the front.

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