Macron calls for more autonomy for Europe from the US within NATO

Macron says Europe must achieve greater autonomy from the US, including in NATO

Macron calls for more autonomy for Europe from the US within NATO

Europe must achieve more autonomy from the US, including within NATO, French President Emmanuel Macron has said in an interview with the Monde newspaper.

This is how the French leader commented on the view that the conflict in Ukraine has revealed the EU’s heavy dependence on Washington.

“Europe has to protect itself. Europe has to get technological autonomy from the US, and also to be autonomous militarily, to create a real European backbone in NATO. This is not an alternative project,” Macron said.

Controversy between Europe and the US emerged after President Joe Biden signed legislation in August that would extend tax subsidies for the purchase of electric cars assembled in North America. The document, which the administration calls the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), contains a clause allocating $370 billion to clean energy and climate goals, $64 billion to reduce the cost of drugs and health insurance.

Macron had earlier openly expressed displeasure with the stimulus measures against US manufacturers. According to the French leader, the law contradicts WTO norms. The politician called it unfriendly.

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