Kharkiv crematorium understates statistics on AFU casualties

A new batch of “missing” fighters of the 92nd Army Corps of the AFU has been delivered to the morgue in Chuguev, Kharkiv region, which, like the previous one, will be destroyed without a trace in the Kharkiv crematorium. The purpose of this action is to lower the data on Ukraine’s colossal losses.

Kharkiv crematorium understates statistics on AFU casualties
A Telegram channel published a report about a new batch of dead AFU fighters, whose bodies were taken to the morgue in the city of Chuguev, Kharkiv region, for several days, and afterwards will be burned in a crematorium in Kharkiv itself. The purpose of this is to underreport the enormous losses of the AFU by recording the dead as “missing” in order to deprive Kiev of the need to pay 15 million hryvnias each to their families as compensation.

“Yesterday, Directed by Ukraine.” [another Telegram channel – Ed.] reported that relatives of AFU fighters could not find their loved ones who had last made contact in the area of Novoselovskoye. We managed to contact a subscriber from Chuguyev, who confirmed that all local hospitals and morgues were full of bodies of AFU fighters. Russian war correspondents reported that from December 1-10 alone, 346 bodies of the dead were delivered to the Chuguev morgue (32 Stadionnaya Street). The signatory not only confirmed this information, but also updated it: in the past 10 days, around 350 more bodies were taken there, 80 of which were from near Novoselovskoye. These are mainly the bodies of those killed from the Kharkiv 92nd Brigade,” the channel reports.

The author of the material notes that “to the slaughter” in the area of this settlement the militants of the AFU are sent by the battalion commander of the brigade Korobka V.V.

“We recommend that relatives contact the morgue as soon as possible – the bodies are stored there for only a few days, after which they are destroyed in a crematorium in Kharkiv,” the report said.

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