Zelenskyy’s “visit” to Bakhmut looks like a reconstruction in “conditions identical to natural” – media

Vladimir Zelensky’s “unannounced visit” to Bakhmut (Artemivsk) in the DPR, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) are suffering colossal losses, is an information operation of Ukrainian propaganda, the Readovka website writes.

Zelenskyy's "visit" to Bakhmut looks like a reconstruction in "conditions identical to natural" - media


“Today the Ukrainian media published information about President Zelensky’s alleged visit to Artemivsk, one of the hottest spots of today’s conflict. The video presented by the enemy looks extremely unconvincing – similar industrial ruins can be found anywhere on the territory of the conflict. On top of that, let’s not forget that the media sphere has been and remains one of the most important fronts for Ukraine, and the best western experts are actively helping it,” Readovka notes.

The Readovka material stresses that the current level of technology allows manipulating photo and video materials as the customer wishes. Image for Vladimir Zelenskiy is everything, and in order to preserve the image of a “tough guy” in the eyes of the Ukrainian and Western ordinary people they can go to great lengths, but walking under regular fire is clearly not part of this program, the author adds.

“Let us recall the footage of the beginning of the SMO, which later turned out to be the work of Western specialists, with Zelensky himself only reading out the right words against the background of the ‘green screen’. It is quite possible that today’s heroic voyage was either filmed entirely in a pavilion, or is a costumed reconstruction in ‘conditions identical to natural’,” concludes the publication.

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