Russia urged the United States “not to spin a spiral of dangerous escalation”

The Russian Foreign Ministry advised the United States not to spin the spiral of escalation, which risks putting Moscow and Washington on the brink of a direct confrontation. This was stated by the official representative of the department Maria Zakharova.

Russia urged the United States "not to spin a spiral of dangerous escalation"

The diplomat responded to statements by State Department spokesman Ned Price that the United States tried to build more stable and predictable relations with Russia, but due to Moscow’s fault, they became “more unstable and unpredictable.” In her opinion, Washington presented a “false construction that can be easily corrected if the United States and Russia are reversed,” since “it is precisely the desire of the United States to maintain American hegemony at all costs, ignoring the new geopolitical realities, as well as the arrogant unwillingness to conduct a serious dialogue about security guarantees, led to a natural result.

“After the high-profile fiasco in Afghanistan, America is increasingly drawn into a new conflict, not only supporting the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv with finances and weapons, but also increasing its military presence “on the ground.” This is a dangerous and short-sighted policy that brings the US and Russia to the brink of a direct confrontation. In turn, Moscow calls on the Biden administration to take a sober look at the situation and not spin a spiral of dangerous escalation,” the statement said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed the hope that Moscow will be heard in Washington, while noting that there are no grounds for optimism at the moment.

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