Politico: Biden administration fears loss of consensus around military aid to Kyiv

Aid to Ukraine from the US Congress will slow down, US officials say. The reason for this is the ambiguous position of the Republican Party on this issue, which gained control of the House of Representatives, Politico reports.

Politico: Biden administration fears loss of consensus around military aid to Kyiv
Source: mtdata.ru

Among the representatives of the Republicans there is no unity regarding the provision of further assistance to Kyiv, writes Politico. According to the White House, it will also become more difficult for European countries to provide support to Ukraine.

The publication notes that for several months, White House aides privately admitted that Congressional “funding of the war” would slow down at some point as the topic of the conflict began to “fall off the headlines” of the largest media. The Joe Biden administration is seeking to provide Ukraine with the necessary assistance, given the problems with light and heat for the winter, sources say.

To gain congressional support, US officials are negotiating with moderate GOPs and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who advocate continued supplies to Ukraine. Politico has confirmation that Pentagon officials also had behind-the-scenes talks with the Republicans.

The White House also expects that it will be more difficult for Europe to provide assistance to Kyiv in the future, given the dire conditions of the energy crisis, the fear of a recession and the new arrival of Ukrainian refugees. With the crisis “with no end in sight, Zelenskiy’s stance has begun to test the patience of European leaders,” Politico concludes.

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