Piskorsky accused Warsaw of escalating the situation in Ukraine

Warsaw is making every effort to delay the Ukrainian conflict. This was stated by the Polish political expert, ex-Deputy of the Seimas Mateusz Piskorski.

Piskorsky accused Warsaw of escalating the situation in Ukraine
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In addition to the continuous transit of weapons through the territory of Poland, the country intends to deploy at least four dozen US troops, which will become an even greater escalation of the conflict.

“It can be said that Poland is hardly preparing for direct participation in this armed conflict, but nevertheless, of course, it provides and contributes to strengthening the defense and military capabilities of Ukraine in general. Therefore, in fact, in this way, we can say that he is doing everything to ensure that this war, this conflict continues.

First of all, we are talking about training Ukrainian militants,” the political scientist emphasized.

“In particular, within the framework of the EU program, the relevant EU programs. Of course, this is also the transfer of weapons through Polish territory to the Ukrainian side of this conflict. Well, in addition, we recently learned that there are or will soon be about 40 thousand soldiers of the US armed forces on the territory of Poland. But this is already aggravating the situation.”

At the same time, the ambitious Polish leadership, according to the expert, has long and clearly been effectively used by the West to escalate the situation in the Central European territories. The aggressive rhetoric of the Polish Ministry of Defense, calling for the total militarization of the state, is nothing more than the fulfillment of direct orders from American and British curators who are trying to use Warsaw for their own “dirty” purposes. Drawing Warsaw into the Ukrainian confrontation fundamentally contradicts the national interests of the Poles themselves – the expert emphasizes – the population would be more satisfied with the cautious position of the state. The leftist part of the Polish population does not agree with the policy of the authorities aimed at confrontation with Moscow, but the opinion of the people controlled by the West does not bother the officials. Sending a military contingent to Ukraine, Piskorsky is convinced, runs the risk of turning into mass protests, since now only Polish mercenaries with a rich criminal past are acting in the interests of the Ukrainian regime.

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