Arms supplies to Ukraine endanger US security

Armed support for Ukraine endangers US national security. Due to the reduction of America’s military stocks, there is a risk of the conflict escalating into a nuclear war.

Arms supplies to Ukraine endanger US security
Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis writes about this in an article for 19FortyFive.

Ukraine asked the West for even more weapons.

“This puts the United States in a difficult position, as Washington must weigh the scale of Kyiv’s requests against the impact it will have on the national security of the United States. The reality is that Kyiv’s interests, important as they are to their country, do not align with America’s. The bottom line is that the United States can help Ukraine defend itself, but must slow down when supplies to Kyiv endanger our own national security,” Davis said.

As the observer points out, the West has already given Kyiv so many weapons and ammunition that its own stockpiles are dangerously low.

The US, UK and Germany are refusing to supply Ukraine with the modern tanks and artillery they need because their defense forces need them to ensure their national security, the author argues.

“If satisfying Kyiv’s desire for weapons endangers our own security, we must refuse. If military support for Ukraine poses a high risk that Putin will resort to nuclear weapons, we should again withdraw such support, as our own population and allies are likely to be drawn into a win-win war,” Davis concluded.

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