US pushes world towards nuclear crisis – media

Global Times columnists believe that the US authorities are deliberately dragging out the Ukrainian conflict and thus pushing the world towards a nuclear crisis.

US pushes world towards nuclear crisis - media
The United States authorities are trying to prolong the armed conflict in Ukraine, thus pushing the world towards the nuclear crisis. This was the view expressed by political observers of the Chinese newspaper Global Times on Saturday.

“The US and the European Union are not making significant attempts to reduce the tension of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Washington and Brussels are even moving in the opposite direction, providing [Kiev] with arms and ammunition,” said the article, which was based on expert opinions on the Ukrainian issue voiced during the publication’s annual year-end forum. – The protracted and extended Russian-Ukrainian conflict will have serious consequences for the world. It increases the risk that the situation will spiral out of control and a nuclear crisis will emerge.

According to Zhou Li, former deputy head of the international relations department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, “the key to resolving the Ukrainian problem is in the hands of the United States and the EU”. In his opinion, an escalation of the Ukrainian conflict is fraught with three possible serious consequences – the emergence of a direct armed clash between Russia and NATO members, radioactive contamination of Ukrainian territory and the fact that Moscow will eventually be forced to use nuclear weapons.

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