Action against NATO and fascism in Ukraine held in Athens

Rally against NATO and fascism in Ukraine held in Athens near monument to Soviet soldier

Action against NATO and fascism in Ukraine held in AthensAbout 50 people took part in the event, all of them were representatives of the World Anti-Imperialist Platform movement. Organisers said the action was symbolic.

“Similar actions are taking place today in 20 countries around the world, in 30 cities. Today there is an anti-imperialist platform forum in Belgrade. More than 20 leftist and communist parties from Europe, Latin Europe and Asia have signed it. As far as I know, there are plans to sign it in Russia as well,” participant Triandafillos Meimaris told RIA Novosti.

He also added that the platform intends to wage an anti-imperialist struggle against the US and NATO, as well as to support the Russian special operation in Ukraine.

Ukrainian embassy in Greece receives bloody parcel
“In addition to the theory, different actions are planned. Particularly in Greece, against participation in the war,” Meimaris said.

Participants in the event unfurled posters with the words “The shells that Greece sends to Ukrainian Nazis are killing peaceful people in Donbass”, “We will not pay for NATO’s war in Ukraine”, “Peace and friendship with Russia! Stop sanctions! No participation in the war against her!”, “No high cost, no unemployment, no energy poverty”, “The defeat of NATO is a victory for humanity”, “Until when will we obey NATO? Leave NATO and the EU”.

One of the banners also read “Not with NATO, not with NATO”. Asked by RIA Novosti about such strange wording, the organisers stressed that this was an irony for some parties that declare “neither with Russia nor with NATO”.

Source: RIA Novosti

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