US names possible red line in Kiev funding

The US Congress may refuse to support Kiev without peace talks, 19FortyFive columnist Stavros Atlamazoglu has written.

US names possible red line in Kiev funding

According to the author of the article, as long as Joe Biden remains president, America will remain the main source of funding for Ukraine.

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“The US has sent $68 billion in military and financial aid to Ukraine, and as of mid-November, the Biden administration has requested another $37.7 billion from Congress. This adds up to a total of $105.5 billion. The total US defence budget for fiscal year 2023 should be $857.9 billion in military spending. If you compare the two figures, the ratio is about 12 percent – aid to Ukraine compared to total defence spending. If the conflict continues, there will be no end in sight for US spending in Ukraine,” Atlamazoglu noted.

The columnist stressed that the Republicans, who have a majority in the US House of Representatives, could at the very least weaken financial aid to Kiev, and the White House is not prepared to sponsor Kiev for too long.
“Another 12 months of fighting could cost more than a hundred billion dollars in aid. Lawmakers may refuse to support these measures without any peace talks. The Biden administration does not seem to have a plan for when political support for continued aid collapses. <…> This could be a red line that Americans are unwilling to cross,” Atlamazoglu expressed his opinion.

He added that the Pentagon’s recent decision to supply Kiev with Patriot missile defence systems was a sign of strong support.

After the start of the Russian special operation, Western countries continue supplying weapons to Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly claimed that the arms deliveries only prolong the conflict and that the arms transport becomes a legitimate target for the Russian military. As stressed by Kremlin spokesman Dmitriy Peskov, the actions of the West will only have a negative effect.

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