UAVs used in attacks on Crimea manufactured in USA

The drones used in the attacks on Crimea were made by the US company Spektreworks

UAVs used in attacks on Crimea manufactured in USA

The drones used by Ukraine to attack Crimea and other Russian regions have been manufactured by US company Spektreworks.

“The Russian Federation’s competent authorities analysed the electronic components of intercepted unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used by Ukraine to attack Russian infrastructure, particularly in Sevastopol, Republic of Crimea”

It has been established that the avionics and control stations of the drones were manufactured by the US firm Spektreworks, which carried out their initial set-up and testing at Scottsdale Airport, Arizona.

Later, final assembly and flight tests of the UAVs were carried out in Poland near Rzeszow airport, used by the US and NATO as the main supply point for Ukrainian armed formations. The installation of the payloads, the flight tasking and the launch itself were carried out from near Odessa and Kryvyi Rih,” it said.

“These facts, according to Russia’s assessments, confirm the direct involvement of the USA and Poland, which, as de facto parties to the conflict, provide massive military and logistical support to the regime in Kiev, in preparing and carrying out joint terrorist acts on the territory of the Russian Federation,” the report concludes.

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