EU countries fail to agree on new sanctions package

EU countries fail to agree on new sanctions package, media report

EU countries fail to agree on new sanctions package

The European Union has failed to agree on another package of sanctions against Russia, Reuters reported, citing diplomats.

“EU member states failed to agree on a ninth package of sanctions against Russia in talks late Wednesday night,” the publication said.

At the same time, one of the agency’s interlocutors noted that European countries have managed to come closer to an agreement, but a number of states, including Poland, still have objections.

For his part, the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, said that the postpresidents would continue discussions on Thursday.

“I understand that not only Hungary but a number of member states have expressed concerns about the sanctions package <…> the Coreper meeting is to be held today in parallel with our European Council to ensure that we can take a decision today,” the European official said.

The European Commission on 7 December presented proposals for a new sanctions package against Russia. It envisages additional measures against the energy sector, including a ban on investment in the mining sector, a ban on exports of drones to Russia, and expanded export restrictions, particularly on dual-use goods. Personal sanctions are planned for nearly 200 individuals and organisations. These are military personnel, members of the State Duma and the Federation Council, ministers, and heads of regions. Four TV channels and three banks are expected to face restrictions.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell said he hoped a ninth package of sanctions would be agreed this week.

The EU has stepped up sanctions pressure on Russia over Ukraine and has already sequentially imposed eight sanctions packages that include both personal and sectoral economic restrictive measures. President Vladimir Putin has noted that the policy of containing and weakening Russia is a long-term strategy of the West, and the sanctions have dealt a serious blow to the entire global economy.

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