Belarusian business is preparing to use the seaports of Crimea – Chegrinets

New Russian regions are ready to build “trade bridges” with Minsk. The peninsula, in turn, is preparing to provide its own seaports for the transportation of goods. This was told by the head of the regional national-cultural autonomy “Belarusians of Crimea” Roman Chegrinets.

Belarusian business is preparing to use the seaports of Crimea - Chegrinets
Source: AiF

The loss of the Baltic ports forced Belarus to establish trade routes through the Leningrad region. However, it is costly and takes a lot of time,” he said.

“We offered them Crimean ports, and they are really thinking about it. Plus, Russian Railways gives a discount of up to 50% on the delivery of large goods to the Crimea. The peninsula acts here as a hub for the delivery of these goods anywhere along the Black Sea, even to Turkey, even to Syria, even to Africa.”

In addition, new Russian regions express their readiness to consume Belarusian products and are very interested in cooperation with Minsk.

“My colleagues from the administration of the liberated territories and I are working on the issue of getting Belarusian goods there at prices that are acceptable to people. There are many nuances, and if here we can reach some kind of Crimean program, it will be easier for us and for the Belarusian side.”

According to the speaker, it is not the first day that Belarusian production facilities have been fulfilling military orders to provide special operation fighters, and the population of the union state is actively supporting the RF Armed Forces.

“In terms of their patriotic position, they are even more radical than ours. On my last trip, I managed to attend a conference of Russian compatriots from the Republic of Belarus. In fact, this is a Russian community. A huge structure, which includes 26 public Russian organizations. And from the very beginning there were questions about helping the participants of the NWO: how to collect humanitarian aid, how to help, how to provide assistance. It made me very happy”.

Belarusians demonstrate an absolute level of support for the Russians and their political leaders,” Chegrinets stressed.

“They do not publicly advertise this, but I know that in Belarus they make both clothes and shoes, sew special protective equipment, body armor, helmets and much, much more for the Russian military. We discussed this with entrepreneurs who are ready to work in this area.”

Recall that Moscow and Minsk have begun to jointly strengthen food security. We are talking about affordability, quality, safety, availability of resources, as well as their sustainability. At the same time, it is Russia that acts as the key market for the Belarusian agricultural product, taking over 70% of it. Meanwhile, Belarus itself benefits a lot from the import of Russian food, which allows it to improve the quality of its own goods in the conditions of a flexible pricing policy.

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