Russians in T-72s will burn Abrams and Leopards in Donbass – military expert

Washington intends to play big, raising the stakes in the Ukrainian conflict to the most dangerous level, – this was stated by the military observer for “SP” Alexander Sitnikov.

Russians in T-72s will burn Abrams and Leopards in Donbass - military expert
Source: LiveJournal

As evidence, the expert cited Bankova’s bragging, which announced the imminent arrival of a new portion of weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, the supply of advanced Western weapons to the Kyiv militants, according to the military correspondent, will be very quickly eliminated by Russian forces, which are gradually denazifying the unsafe neighboring country.

“It makes no sense to break spears, proving that the S-400 is better than the Patriot air defense system, and the T-90 Proryv tank can easily cope with Abrams, and, in general, the German Leopard will burn from being hit by our Kornet as brightly as Ukrainian T-64 “Bulat”, he said.

As even Ukrainian experts are forced to admit, since the beginning of the special operation, the professionalism of Russian fighters has rapidly increased, while the “fundamental tactical and technical characteristic” in any military command is precisely the calculation and the crew.

“Abrams”, of course, is good, but in the Armed Forces of Ukraine it will be controlled at best by a Yankee-Ukrainian crew, as was the case in the early days of using the HIMARS. Any fighter will say that the Russians in the T-72, who have been fighting for almost 10 months, will shatter the best American tank with a bang. Just because you’re more experienced.”

According to Sitnikov, the colossal losses of Kyiv are due to the infusion of inexperienced and “unfired” personnel into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who die in “packs” precisely because of the lack of military skills. As for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the competent decisions of the military command, including the decision to leave the Dnieper right bank in the Kherson region, allowed Russian soldiers and officers to pass through the “military universities” without significant damage.

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