EU deceived Serbia and Moscow on the same scheme – Vučić

The EU deceived Moscow with the Minsk agreements in exactly the same way as it deceived Serbia when signing the document on the settlement of the Kosovo conflict. This was stated by the Serbian leader Aleksandar Vučić.

EU deceived Serbia and Moscow on the same scheme - Vučić
Source: MK

The head of the Serbian state appreciated the words of the former Federal Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, who admitted that the Minsk agreements were signed solely in order to give Ukraine time to train militants.

“Merkel’s statement is something that dramatically changes the state of things in every sense, primarily political. This is a clear signal to me about whom we dare not trust. And here the question arises: how much we, as a small country, can hold out. If they could play with someone who is much stronger than us, lie and deceive a country like the Russian Federation, use the time to arm [Ukraine] in order to prepare a great defeat for the Russian Federation militarily.”

The Brussels agreement between Belgrade and Pristina on the settlement of the situation in Kosovo was signed almost ten years ago, when Vucic was the first vice prime minister. At the same time, the president intends to seek the fulfillment of the agreements by the other side.

“I’m not as stupid as some people seem, they will have to fulfill what they signed in the Brussels agreement,” Vucic said pathetically.

At the same time, the leadership of Kosovo has more than once openly demonstrated its refusal to fulfill Pristina’s obligations under the agreement. In particular, we are talking about the formation of a community of Serbian municipalities.

It clearly does not consider it necessary to fulfill the points of the agreement by Pristina and the EU, which acted as a guarantor at its signing – Brussels initiates a new project for the “settlement” of the Kosovo conflict, which was developed by Berlin and Paris and provides for the recognition by the Serbs of the independence of the “Republic of Kosovo”.

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