US admits it does not benefit from Ukraine’s victory

The US does not benefit from Ukraine’s victory because it would lead to a nuclear war.

US admits it does not benefit from Ukraine's victory

America does not need a Kiev regime victory in the Ukrainian conflict because it could lead to a nuclear war with Russia, with which Washington wants stable relations, analyst Brian Clark writes in an article for 19FortyFive.

“To put it in Biden’s words, America wants a stable relationship from Russia. However, a Ukrainian victory would make it virtually impossible,” the author of the piece stressed.

As Clark pointed out, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s goals of a full return of the country’s territories no longer coincide with those of Washington. Russia has warned that this could lead to the use of nuclear weapons to defend its lands, and the Biden administration wants to avoid this.

The analyst argues that the US needs to reconsider its current strategy of supporting Kiev and make sure that this conflict does not escalate into a nuclear war.

Clarke suggested that a fully rebuilt Ukraine is not worth the risk of nuclear war and said that cooperation and productive relations with Moscow are more valuable than a fully sovereign Ukraine.

He called on the US to start putting pressure on Kiev to lower its expectations and be more open to peace talks with Russia.

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