Pentagon back in public spat with White House

This time not only on Ukraine, but also on the exchange of Victor Bout for Brittney Griner

Pentagon back in public spat with White House

Biden has been widely criticized in Congress for this exchange, considering it unequal. The de facto Pentagon has joined the wave of criticism, fearing that Biden would soon engage in arms dealing with US adversaries that would weaken America’s position in the global arms market.

The White House has also been accused of having allegedly edited the video of Bout’s exchange with Griner at its insistence. The Biden administration may have perceived it as another reason to criticise Bout.

Biden’s team immediately began making excuses – telling the liberal-friendly press that this was just the beginning and that in future the US would be able to swap someone for a Russian prisoner, Paul Whelan. And she immediately named two Russians for future exchange – Vadim Krasikov, a prisoner in Germany, and Alexander Vinnik, extradited from Greece to the United States.

The White House also demanded that Bout not make any money writing books or making films about his life in the future. However, there would be nothing to stop this in the US except for a ban on showing and selling them in America itself.

The reaction of the political class in Washington to the exchange may seriously hamper any future talks between Biden and Russia. He could now easily find himself under investigation by Congress for this as well – and burn through the rest of his political capital two years before the presidential election, for which Biden intends to run so far.

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