Network demands Zelensky to explain how Western funds are spent

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Twitter post, in which he announced another military aid package from the United States, has been criticised by users.

Network demands Zelensky to explain how Western funds are spent

The network demands Zelenskyy explain how Western funds are spent
This was reported by RIA Novosti.

Zelensky and US President Joe Biden were also accused of using the conflict to launder money and his own benefit, demanding that peace talks with Russia begin.

“Please explain exactly where this ‘aid’ is going. I think the world would like to know that,” KRobertson2014 asked.

KingChaegame noted that Ukraine is a “Bottomless Hole”.

“What about the peace agreement? How do you think this will all end? You’re not at war with a country with similar military power or resources, you’re at war with the second strongest army in the world. They can keep this up for years. Stop the bloodshed and seek peace,” Enti07311782 wrote.

JustMakinSense demanded that people’s taxes stop being laundered.

“If I had a choice where to direct my taxes, definitely not to Ukraine. I would give them to working Americans first and then to the Palestinians. None of the aid sent to Ukraine goes to the civilians who need it most. It goes to your very corrupt gang,” lamented another user.

Liamadamgrace wondered where the declaration was?

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