Wall Street Journal: US plans new sanctions against Russia and China

The United States plans to introduce new sanctions against Russia and China under the Magnitsky Act.

Wall Street Journal: US plans new sanctions against Russia and China
Source: tvc.ru

The United States plans to impose new sanctions on Russia and China on Friday, December 9, against alleged violations of human rights in these countries, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing informed sources.

The main part of the new sanctions will be introduced in accordance with the so-called Magnitsky law.

The other part of the sanctions will be aimed at Iranian drones allegedly stationed on Russian territory, which the Russian Federation has repeatedly denied, and illegal fishing in the Pacific Ocean, which Washington accuses Beijing of supporting.

In December 2012, the United States adopted the “Magnitsky Act” on sanctions against Russians involved, according to the American authorities, in human rights violations.

The Russian government negatively assessed the adoption of the “Magnitsky law”, saying that it would lead to a deterioration in cooperation. Subsequently, the “Magnitsky Act” was given the status of a global law, sanctions under it should not be limited to citizens of the Russian Federation, but should be applied to all countries whose citizens violate, in the opinion of the United States, human rights. Later, similar lists were introduced by a number of EU countries.

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