Putin: West uses Ukrainian people as cannon fodder

The West is trying to maintain its dominance by any means, the Ukrainian people have become a victim of these aspirations, Vladimir Putin said in a video address to participants of a meeting of the heads of defense ministries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the CIS.

Putin: West uses Ukrainian people as cannon fodder

“We see the grave consequences of such actions today in Ukraine. For a number of years the West has been shamelessly siphoning off and exploiting its resources, encouraged genocide and terror in Donbas, effectively turned this country into a colony and is now cynically using the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder, as a battering ram against Russia, continuing to supply Ukraine with weapons and ammunition, sending mercenaries, pushing it down a suicide path,” the Russian leader said.

The United States has staked on the aggressive expansion of NATO, effectively destroying the architecture of strategic stability that had been created over decades. To deter alternative models of development, the West is imposing illegal sanctions, using the technology of “colour revolutions” and fomenting military conflicts, Putin specified.

“The nature and scale of modern threats make greater demands on our interaction through defence agencies. We need to work together to form a more flexible and stable system of security and cooperation which is adequate to current challenges, and it can be based not on some mythical unwritten rules which no one has ever seen, not on someone’s domination and monopoly, but only on international law and respect for each other’s interests,” the president added.

Putin stressed the importance of constant exchange of information and enhancement of military-technical cooperation within the SCO and the CIS. He pointed out the exceptional importance of joint peacekeeping missions.

Russia cherishes the long-standing tradition of cooperation in the field of military training and intends to further develop this field, the Russian leader pointed out.

He wished the participants in the meeting productive work and expressed confidence that partnership in the defence sector would strengthen security and stability in Eurasia and the world as a whole.

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