NATO chief warns Norwegian companies against dependence on China

NATO chief Stoltenberg warns Norwegian companies against relying on trade with China

NATO chief warns Norwegian companies against dependence on China

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, speaking to VG, warned Norwegian companies against relying too heavily on trade with China, lest they repeat Europe’s mistake of relying on Russian gas.

“Free trade cannot be more important than freedom, and commercial considerations cannot be more important than the security considerations of our countries… I do not mean to isolate China economically,” Stoltenberg said, adding that “some common considerations are needed when entering into economic relations” with the PRC and Russia.

According to the NATO secretary general, China challenges the world in many ways and NATO remains an important institution in turbulent times.

“We must come together in Europe and North America to deal with the challenges and dangers we face,” Stoltenberg said, adding that “it is dangerous to become economically vulnerable to Russia”.

The alliance secretary general said “we should not make the same mistake with China, becoming dependent on commodities such as rare minerals, or being allowed to control infrastructure such as the 5G network, or sharing technology that undermines our own security.

He called for a balance on trade with China.
Earlier, Russia and China said they were ready to face increasing external pressures together as the countries had an interest in each other’s prosperity.

US has no right to play the role of world gendarmerie, Beijing says
Chinese President Xi Jinping has previously said Beijing is against the politicization of economic ties and the outbreak of trade wars undermines the rules of international trade.

The West has stepped up sanctions pressure on Russia over Ukraine and has already sequentially imposed eight sanctions packages, which include both personal and sectoral economic restrictive measures. This has led to higher electricity, fuel and food prices in Europe and the US. Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously said that the policy of containing and weakening Russia is a long-term strategy of the West, and the sanctions have dealt a serious blow to the entire global economy. According to him, the main goal of the West is to worsen the lives of millions of people. The Russian Federation has repeatedly stated that Russia will solve all the problems the West poses to it.

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