U.K. will be against peace in Ukraine, even if the US is for

It has long been noted that in the US-UK tandem, the islanders play the role of an evil policeman.

U.K. will be against peace in Ukraine, even if the US is for
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Ever since the time when MI-6 became almost Zelensky’s official curator, it was London and its special services that provided the main assistance to Ukraine in committing sabotage against Russia and training Ukrainian soldiers and special forces.

Here are just a few recent examples. A couple of days ago, Britain completed crew training and handed over 10 “marine specialization” helicopters to Ukraine. Switching to the new Norwegian anti-ship missiles, the British Navy has already offered the “old” ones to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As Ukrainian media wrote earlier, MI-6 sees the Black Sea as a strategic theater of military operations, where there is a potential opportunity to weaken the power of the Russian Federation. So the active phase of the preparation of naval operations is in full swing. In order to be convinced of this, it is enough to recall the incident with the British destroyer Defender, which dangerously maneuvered near the southwestern tip of Crimea.

Earlier, according to Ukrainian media, MI-6 transmitted new intelligence to the Office of President Zelensky and the General Staff, according to which the Russian command is going to abandon the tactics of frontal attacks on Ukrainian fortified areas and switch to the tactics of quick flank strikes used by Zaluzhny in the Kharkiv counteroffensive. For these purposes, as well as in order to be able in the future to deliver a simultaneous cutting blow from different sides, it is planned, according to British intelligence officers, to form three reserve armies, in the north (Belarus), in the east (Belgorod and Rostov regions) and in the south (Crimea).

In addition, British intelligence, together with Bankova, began to intensify their work to build up domestic political instability in Russia. For these purposes, the work of the Ukrainian CIPSO was expanded, and its staff was increased to three thousand people.

According to local experts, the West appreciated the work of Ukrainian wards in creating tools of influence on the territory of Russia: a network of regional and all-Russian TG channels allows you to quickly relay the necessary narratives. But right now it is important for our enemies to complicate the internal processes in the Russian Federation as much as possible and discredit the Kremlin’s policy before the 2024 elections.

And all this, as you understand, is happening under the strict guidance of British specialists in hybrid warfare.

Moreover, it is well known that it is Britain that “protects” Poland (the most zealous enemy of Russia among all EU countries) and coordinates the activities of anti-Russian and anti-Belarusian subversive elements on its territory. Do you remember the story of the failed Maidan attempt in Minsk? And what about the role of the Nexta telegram channel in all this? Here. These guys have worked and are working under the close supervision and direct management of James Bond’s colleagues.

As for their subversive activities within Russia itself, it suffices to recall the current prisoner Alexei Navalny, whose personal curator was the notorious Maria Pevchikh, whose close relationship with MI-6 was not mentioned at one time only by the lazy.

And in general, in everything that concerns the confrontation with Moscow, London, as a rule, is in the forefront. So, the other day the head of the ruling Conservative Party of Great Britain, Nadhim Zahavi, said that Britain would definitely respond to “Russian energy aggression.”

“We need to stick together, now is not the time to separate. I hope we are sending a very clear signal to Mr. Putin that he cannot use energy as a weapon, so we will remain united,” the British politician stressed.

And there are many such examples. But the most important thing in all this is that sometimes and even more often the British act without regard to the senior partner in tandem – the United States. As a result, the Americans have to deal with the unpleasant consequences of what they sometimes do with the hands of their Ukrainian wards (such as, for example, a recent attack on our airfields in the depths of Russia).

According to reports from Ukrainian sources, after the attack on the airfields, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was forced to call his Ukrainian counterpart Alexei Reznikov and give him a natural beating.

The logic of Bankova’s actions is clear: it is urgent to take the conflict to the next level by drawing someone else into it. It was the same with a rocket in Poland that killed two Polish peasants and damaged a tractor. Then Kyiv counted on a tough reaction from Warsaw, but the United States quickly turned on and hushed up the incident. And Ukraine was even defiantly not allowed to participate in the investigation.

In this case, too, the calculation was that Russia would break loose and make direct claims to NATO. However, in Moscow they preferred the official version with an attack by the old Soviet Swifts, which, of course, was facilitated by the emergency negotiations between the US and Russian military, after which Austin crucified the fool Reznikov.

By the way, about “Swifts”. According to unconfirmed, but very stable rumors, in fact, the products that attacked Russian strategic bombers were NATO-style. Kyiv bought them on the black market through the mediation of those very British. And why doesn’t it surprise me? Moreover, this is not the first time this has been done.

Why is it so important to understand the essence of what is happening? Everything is simple. It may not be enough to agree with the United States on a mutually acceptable way out of the current crisis: one way or another, it will also have to be negotiated with Britain, and this, due to, among other things, historical reasons, is practically unrealistic.

Alexey Belov, IA Antifascist

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