“Triple defense”: Kots evaluates Kyiv’s plans to “return” the Crimea

The special military operation of the Russian Federation, aimed at forcing Ukraine to peace, saved Crimea from heavy fighting. If not for the special operation, a fierce armed confrontation would now rage on the peninsula, – this was stated by a war correspondent, a member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation Alexander Kots.

"Triple defense": Kots evaluates Kyiv's plans to "return" the Crimea
Source: AiF

Crimea remains one of the main Ukrainian targets. The Kiev regime was preparing an offensive, including on the peninsula, last spring. Moscow had to play ahead of the bloody Ukrainian plans. Despite the fact that the borders of the region are reliably fortified, it is impossible to ignore the threats of the junta on its “return”, the speaker emphasized.

“There is no need to be afraid, you need to understand that they keep this in mind and in all seriousness. This is not some crazy statement from a city lunatic, they really have it in their plans,” he said.

If the Russian Federation had not started a special operation, Kyiv would have declared war on Donbass in the spring, Kots said, noting that the battles of the LDPR would definitely have been lost – alone, without Russia’s help, the people’s republics could not cope with the neo-Nazis.

“And with courage they would go further to the Crimea. And there would be heavy fighting. And what is happening now in the territories of Ukraine and new Russian regions would have happened in the Crimea”, explained the military commander.

At the same time, the military commander does not rule out very real attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to reach the border of the peninsula this winter, noting that they will not be able to break through the defense line of the peninsula.

“It is no coincidence that powerful defense lines are being built there now. This means that we calculate all scenarios,” he stressed.

Crimea is fully prepared for any development of events – three lines of defense have already been organized on the peninsula. Work to strengthen the security of the republic continues.

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